Monday’s Roundup from the Couch 9-22-08

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It was a Payroll Monday at work today, and yet I still managed to find a few things hockey that may have eluded your keen sense of web surfing.

Unlike my fellow Blog Boxer Tom Liodice, I don’t have any quotes from camp. Hell, I’m not even getting any emails from camp. (Ahem, ahem….) So what could I possibly come up with that relates to Islanders Hockey considering that EVERYONE (okay, almost everyone) is in Moncton? Not much, but what the hell, here goes:

First, NHL Live is back on the air but not on the website as of yet. But it did premiere today on XM radio’s Home Ice 204. That in itself was cause enough for me to smile, but something very heartwarming happened during the broadcast.

It seems that “Miriam, an Islanders fan” called up because she was asking what TV station the Islanders broadcasts were going to be on. She would usually listen on the radio but because they have moved stations for this coming season, she didn’t’ think she was going to be able to get reception. Now, I believe she said she couldn’t see, and I started to wonder if it was the same “Miriam from Forest Hills” that Chris Botta had brought to an Islanders game a few years back. I wondered.

Well, the guys of NHL Live offered her up a brand new XM radio so she wouldn’t miss a game. She was shocked and at first didn’t know what to tell them. “My building doesn’t allow Satellite dishes.” she told them. But they explained she’d have no problem with this one. Nice work EJ and Don. Good way to start your new season.

Speaking of Mr. Botta, he’s posted some details of what to look forward to in his forthcoming Islanders Point Blank blog and website. All I can say about it is: Hey Eklund! I think you’ve just met your match! Considering the scope of what he’s proposing, there won’t be enough time in the day to catch up to everything that will be available.

Also coming my way today was the disappointing news that Jim McGlynn has decided not to continue in the NYI Blog Box. This is the second inaugural member that will not be returning this season.

Earlier this summer, Jon Jordon, of HockyBuzz, decided that he was better off just blogging about the Lightening since he WAS the Long Distance Islander. No one who hasn’t done this this type of "blogerism" (basically journalism without money) realizes how much work actually goes into it. It is not only time consuming but emotionally draining at times. It’s the hardest non-paying job you could possibly love.

But as I’ve told both these talented writers, we will forever be connected in history as the founding members of this experiment that turning a handful of verbose Islanders fans into a blogging network of friends. An experience I’m all too grateful for.