In The News - 8-12-08

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Mixed into my morning paper, my tea-time web surfing and my Early Show viewing today (that's called multi-tasking at it's finest there!) I was attracted to the following stories:

1) Java Junkies rejoice! A new study proves that just the smell of brewed coffee can wake up a rat's brain that has been sleep deprived. They paid to do a study on that? I could have told them that during my daughter's first year of life when she never wanted to let me sleep for more than 2 hours at a time. If the coffee went on in the kitchen, the smell would wake me and immediately draw me like a zombie to the counter. It also explains why people walk into the break room like death and walk out smiling.

2) Trekkies Rejoice! HA! My grandmother used to be so upset with me watching Star Trek when I was really, really young. She said it would give me nightmares. Who would have thought that all the outlandish "science fiction" created on a sound stage for very little money would be the basis for so many government projects and high tech necessities. Someone did. So now they are working on a cloaking device. It's about time! I've had one in my office for years. When you work in one place for too long and have an office in a closet, you can remain invisible for years. I know I was. I was recently moved to the front office area, I may have to sign up to be a beta test for that cloaking device. Too many people can see me now. "Dee, I can't find Jovana, can you make some copies for me?" "Dee, I've got to run to the back, can you answer the phone for me?" "Dee, can you help me with the Fed Ex machine, it's not working." There's a LOT to be said about being invisible!!

3) John Edwards had an affair! Tell him to take a number. What good looking, younger politician with a big ego hasn't? This isn't news people, it's life.

4) In other News.... The NY Islanders STILL don't have a head coach. And I'm hoping we won't get an answer today because I'm heading to the dentist in an hour and will be down for the count for a few days I'm sure.

Yeah, yeah, Islanders Country can rejoice. Dee will actually be speechless for a day or so. Enjoy it now.

Later all.