Nine Minutes with Rick DiPietro on

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This was my favorite photo of DiPietro. January 2004, STH signing party, staying behind until every fan on the line received a signature and a conversation. He was the best!
And fresh from the proofreader's hands the final cut of my sit down with Rick DiPietro yesterday as he heads into training camp with a new attitude and a new outlook.

Thanks to the Islanders PR staff for being so accomodating to the job that pays me. I really do appreciate it! And many thanks to Tom Chiesa for his (free) copy-editing work. Some day it will all be worth it!

And while the photos I took yesterday were horrible because I didn't get close enough to the glass with my not-so-great camera, here is the 25 seconds of tape I took. I did it just for the sounds. Oh, how I missed those sounds!