Not enough SPIN for DeadSpin

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I'm lucky enough to be on a panel of 37 female bloggers whom each week are given a topic to write about for DeadSpin. Then on Friday morning, they choose the lucky few entries that are published under their Wax Off feature. (Okay, if there are those who find this really surprising that I'd be willing to do this for this website... take a number. I'm pretty surprised myself. And you can blame NYIC member ACARDS for it!)

It's actually been a lot of fun to try to be outlandish enough to get chosen. I've been picked 2 of 4 weeks so far. So... I'm at .500. Not bad for someone who doesn't get paid for this.

This week's topic was on what people do to show their team spirit. Here's the entry that didn't make the cut. Those who know me best already know the story. Those who don't, may get a kick out of it.

Check back tomorrow for a one on one with Islander Arena Hostess Dina.... complete with photos of course.

I’m no Face-Painter!
Oh, I do a LOT to support my team. My wardrobe is seasonally configured to blue, orange and white. I have searched endlessly to find the perfect bright orange high-heeled sneakers, purchased enough orange nail polish at Halloween to last the entire hockey season, driven from store to store to find deep blue mascara and mail ordered to Europe for an orange linen suit when a PR guy bet me I couldn’t come to a game completely in orange. It was a piece of cake. The kid did have to take my word for it on my underwear. My wardrobe is an announcement. As soon as I walk into work, I don’t have to say a word. I’m greeted with, “Game day, Dee?” Game Day people -- Game Day.
I drive an orange Dodge that replaced my Islanders blue Escape. I’ve got custom license plates that get me honked at on the highway. (Someday I’ll remember that and not jump out of my skin spilling my Starbucks.)
If the Islanders ever revive a tradition from the 90s where every time they won a playoff game (anyone remember what those were?), one of the non-blond players went blond -- well HELL!!! I’m in for that too!! (PS. John Vanbiesbrouk looked awesome as a blond.)
I’ve toyed with the idea of a tattoo, but the question is always… WHERE? Seen? Unseen? Decisions, decisions.
I’ve got Islanders silk P.J.s to sleep in and matching silk undies. They don’t seem to be that lucky though. Well, they’re lucky for ME when my husband sees them, but they don’t seem to do Squanto for the team. I wore them Columbus day and they lost 7 -1.
So, do I wear my team pride proudly? Damn straight I do! Would I fall victim to a custom bikini wax if it was requested of me? Sure! I’m a team player. I’ll suck it up. This is hockey baby. I can take it!
But face painting? Please! I DO have SOME dignity!