Oh Captain, My (5 &) Oh Captain! 9-22-08

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Our (t)earful trip is done; The ship has weather’d every rack, the prize we sought is won (Not really); The port is near, the bells I hear, the people all exulting...

And they were as the last game to be played in Yankee Stadium ended with a Yankee win, a lot of fanfare, great memories, and much disappointment.

Derek Jeter didn't get the final home run in Yankee Stadium, he didn't add yet another hit to his new record breaking count, but he did play until the 9th inning. He was awarded a Waterford crystal bat and ball, gave a final off-the-cuff speech and was as classy as ever. But you have to know he was disappointed with his at-bat stats for the night. A night that was filled with smiles and tears.

This was an excellent job by the Yankees organization on their pomp and circumstance, but I personally do NOT like the way ESPN handled the game. Too many times there were interviews that were running well over the game. It should have been carried on YES, and not ESPN.

But it's done now, and all we have left are the memories and the 100s of articles that will hit the presses, the airwaves and the net. There won't be enough time to read them all.