Panthers bite Rick -- twice - 10-18-08

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Sigh... Wow. The Islanders made it to the cover of the Sunday sports section today. Luckily it's a photo of Rick making one of his 34 saves from last night's game in Sunrise FLA. The Getty photographer probably didn't have his camera ready for the first goal of the evening that came only 24 seconds into the first period.

It set the tone for the entire game. Was the 2 - 0 loss a rusty DiPietro's fault? Hardly. Especially considering no one could keep the action out of DiPietro's side of the ice. If DiPietro was not in game shape, the score could easily have been 20 - 0. But it remained a Panthers shut out as shot after shot by the Islanders men and boys were turned away by Vokoun.

Okay then. What positive points can we take away from this game before we throw it in the trash with yesterday's Taco Bell?

1) No one is on the super-sally-secret injury list this morning.

2) No one is being reviewed by the NHL for suspension.

3) Kyle Okposo, who was told to "SHOOT MORE!" registered 4 shots. Bill Guerin registered 6, and still can't find the back of the net.

4) uhhhh.... I'm thinking.....

5) Gordon's head didn't explode behind the bench.

6) I drank wine and ate chocolate with my friends which made the game more palatable, but leaves me fat and headach-y this morning.

7) Neil Best has a wonderful article today in the sports section regarding the Islanders treatment by MSG. Any time Chris Botta is quoted or the Blog Box is lauded in print, to's a "wonderful article."

8) Their plane didn't go down.

9) One more! CJ Papa did a good job filling Deb Placey's (high heel) shoes.

10) There is no 10, but lists go to 10. So I just put the number there for consistencey.

Okay. So there are a few good things about last night's game.

I can't believe I rushed like hell, bucked traffic for an hour and a half and left a wonderful lunch hosted by my friends from the NY Times, just to watch that game.

Okay. Back to the softball fields of Lido Beach for me to watch 14 year olds freeze their butts off and parents huddle on the bleachers craddling coffe cups.