A PreSeason Prediction from the Bleacher Report & Stuff

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As my fellow bloggers are already keeping everyone up to date on the happenings in Moncton, and since the only preseason games that seem to air in this neck of the woods are Ranger games, I spent some time last night reading over things at the Bleacher Report.

Sure, I had NHL.com on trying to get the score of last night's game, but without being able to hear Jaffe and Mears, it was sort of pointless. It's just not the same staring at a screen hitting refresh every few minutes just to see basically... NOTHING. Thank the Hockey Gods for Greg Logan and his timely coverage. At least I was able to read about the game before I went to bed.

Wish I had known that Campoli had been injured BEFORE I gave Bryan Thiel my opinions on his Islanders article, which he posted tonight. (I hope Chris is okay!)

Glad to see the kids won tonight too. I know it's preseason and it doesn't mean anything. But what it does mean is that they are learning. And that's what they're supposed to be doing right now.

I wonder if there will be balloons and fireworks tomorrow for the arrival of Chris Botta's new website. If not balloons, I'm sure there will be "fireworks" of some sort. We're guessing he'll dish up 'breaking news' or some other super-sally-secret info that only he has access to. Either way, it's sure to be tomorrow's MUST READ website.

I hope you all received your email with your fan survey today. If not, I believe this is the link. Hopefully, they don't mind that I put it out on the net. If they do, hopefully someone will tell me. That would mean they'd have to be reading this.

Also of note on the Islanders website today is their new sales initiative called Accelerated Sales Team program. Basically, you talk your company into buying season tickets and YOU get a commission. Sounds simple enough, but from an accounting standpoint, this will be a nightmare. And I'm sure no one asked the accounting department how they'd handle this. We're always the last to know anything.

Night all. Only a few more days before Hockey returns to Uniondale.