Put A Hockey Fan in the White House - 9-4-08

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I don't do politics. Seriously. I hate talking about it because, well, as my husband says... "This is the best the country has to offer? Great."

But listening to Sarah Palin's well timed, well written speech last night as I was drifting off to sleep, of course my ears perked up when I heard the word that wakes me every time -- "hockey."

"What? What did she say?"

"You know what the difference is between a Hockey Mom and a pit bull? -- (wait for it...) Lipstick." And the crowd roared.

But you know what? She's right. It takes a certain type of person to know and love our sport. It takes an even better mother to let their kids PLAY it. It takes guts.

Bravo Sarah. And Bravo to the women on the convention floor with their "Hockey Moms for Palin" signs. Nice job. You won me over. (don't start with me... I'm a registered Republican anyway.)