Retro Jerseys, Josh Bailey & right... There was a Game

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It's early, it's pouring and I have a wicked headache from the weather. So before I start my usual hellish commute to Farmingdale, let me at least get some things out into the blogosphere before they leap out of my head forever.
IBC: If anyone DOES have the opportunity to join or attend an IBC function, please by all means do. They are well run and a great networking device. Oddly, I was doing double duty last night talking Islanders hockey blogging for myself and advertising agency functions for the company that actually pays me. It was like worlds colliding as Wilen Media set up a table at the event and a half dozen of my co-workers were in the room along with (gasp!) my boss. Yep. This is going to be a very strange season for me.
I had to explain that these events are not run like a trade show, but more like a Sunday Social where it's perfectly acceptable to walk up to someone and say "Hi, my name is ______. And you are?" And then let the conversations about Islander hockey and your own business flow. It works. It's fun. You meet new people and it's developing new fans. I think it works.

The Keepers of The Dynasty: So nice to see Bobby Nystrom, Clark Gillies (mustache-less) and Butch Goring along with IBC main man Mike Bossy all there for the new jersey unveiling and a brief discussion of the Ranger/Islanders rivalry. Bill Jaffe hosted the segment and Chris King and Steve Mears were also on hand for the ceremony.

Josh Bailey & the Blogger Boys: Let me say this first. Josh Bailey is one of the most pleasant young men you could ever wish to meet. He took to his modeling duties with grace, posing for cameras and chatting with the media whenever asked. But what I did notice was he was far more at ease with Mike S. and Tiger Track Tom. I suppose it's because they are closer to his own age, or as Mike pointed out to me. "He remembers us from the Draft." I'm sure he does. Mike and Tom were the ones who were there promoting the new draft choice while the rest of the fans were in an uproar over the pick.

I joked with Josh about having a script in his pocket that he had to keep repeating. I know the drill. There are certain things he can say and not say regarding his injury and when he will return to the ice. (and every single media outlet asked him over and over again) I can tell you this, no one wants him to hit the ice more than he does. You can see he's going a little stir crazy and he's the only one left living at a hotel.
Retro Jerseys: I like them. They have a nice, clean look to them. I'm glad they left the piping off and the lettering is white outlined in orange. Much better than the orange 3rds from before (that I own like six of, damn it!).

Ranger Fans: Prior to the game, Lighthouse Project's Katrina Doell told me "ugh! I hope I can contain myself from being a fan." I knew what she meant. Ranger fans in the stands brings out the worst in Islanders fans -- especially the female ones. Fellow bloggers Sec 317 Gary and IslesOfficial Doug both got a first hand look at what Big Angry Man has to deal with at every Isles/Rangers show down: my eyes.

We had the unfortunate luck of having nothing but Ranger fans in the row directly in front of the blog box table. The first time I had to use my "death ray" stare was when the father and son team in front of me decided to use our table as his personal snack counter placing all the concession items he purchased on our table and then proceeding to make himself comfortable. This may sound trivial, and it would have been, providing he had ASKED first. Think of it this way. You're working at your desk, the Fed Ex Driver comes over, pulls up a chair and takes his MacDonald's #9 meal and lays it out on your desk to eat without saying a word to you. How do you feel? Yeah... That's how. Hours later, this dolt realized I was angry, he removed his beer from our table and gave me an "oh. Sorry." Not as sorry as he would have been had I knocked his beer on him with my laptop.

The next incident occurred when Doug was explaining a questionable call and the men in front of him looked over at him with disdain. Doug explained he was an on ice official for USA Hockey, but the men still didn't seem impressed. That was it, I looked like I was going to sail over the table and rip his Jagr jersey off his chubby torso.

"Down Dee. It's okay." Doug attempted to calm me. Mind you. I never uttered anything, but my eyes say it all. I figure if they get me in trouble all the time when they display my every emotion when I don't want them to, then at least I can use them to my advantage when I DO want my feelings to be public!

Post Game: The rooms were packed with reporters and cameras. Please watch the ITV post game coverage and draw your own conclusions about what Scott Gordon had to say. He definitely is evolving as head coach. Also Kyle and Joey weighed in on the game in the locker room, but it was Captain Bill Guerin that truly put everything into perspective.

Check the ITV coverage for the quotes you read everywhere else. This way you will hear the inflections in their voice, as that is what conveys the TRUE meaning of the words.

OH! And Ricky's out. What a surprise. Sadly Witt will be missing a few weeks as well. I saw one blog comment that said it all. "Bridgeport: We're sorry."