Setting My Sights on Vancouver 2010 - 8-26-08

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The Beijing Olympics have ended and they have left us with some amazing memories. As those memories are still fresh in my mind, I made a bold statement today to my brother as we went on our early morning 3 mile walk.
"I want to go to Vancouver in 2010. That's what I WANT to do." I'm hoping that by verbalizing this, it will come to fruition. I've been a bit of an Olympic geek for a few decades now, but with my involvement in the hockey universe, it's only gotten worse.
"I was supposed to go to Torino, but it didn't work out."
No, it didn't. My mother was willing to pay my way just so that I could take her to Italy. She'd have to sit through a few hockey games, but she felt that was a fine trade off for her having a travel companion. My husband, however, was not willing to part with me for two weeks. Neither was my office.
But in just more than a year, the Winter Olympics will be on this continent, and while still far and expensive, just somewhat closer to the realm of possibility for me. I want to be there. I want to see history being made. Most of all, I want to see Team USA play hockey and I want to write about it. (At least in Canada, there shouldn't be any deep fried Scorpions on a stick masquerading as a snack.)
There. I've said it. I've put it out there to the cosmos, let's see if the cosmos can make it happen for me.
There is an interesting website for these games at with a staggering amount of information. The dates are February 12 - 28, 2010 and tickets will actually go on sale October 3rd. So basically... it's never too early to start planning!