Shutout Dreams Turn to Overtime Screams

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I really thought we were going to shut the "offensively challenged" BlueJackets out tonight after going up 3-0 in the first two periods.  Luckily the Islanders were able to take a nice nap (while giving up three unanswered goals) in the third period so they could come out fresh in overtime and win the game.  It looked like Comrie nearly flubbed up the last play but the BJ defenseman stick checked the puck to Campoli who did his second Ray Bourque impression of the night to the thrill of the fans and his birthday celebrating mother by burying the puck into the top of the net. 

The goal in overtime was one of the funniest plays I have seen in my life.  After Campoli scored for the second time on the same play, I figured the Isles luck was changing.   Just the fact that he hit the net thrilled me and this play could be an omen for the rest of the season.  Either way they won the game at least and is a positive step.  

On a side note:  Is it just me or is Stan "The Maven" Fischler acting his age and picking fights with others?  I remember starting to dislike him about 100 years ago when he started moonlighting with the Devils.   His chemstry with CJ Papa is terrible and I am not amused by his smug attitude.  It's a wiuse choice not to show him that much...