Sid's Not a Kid ... Any more 8-7-08

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You know it's a slow day in Islander Country when the only information I'm finding of any interest on is about the Penguins. Well, it is August and Mr. Snow is being quite ELUSIVE right now about his coach search. It's not very gentlemanly to keep a lady waiting like this, sir! At least we have Saturday's Open House to look forward to, but it's only Thursday, so there I was looking for something of interest in the hockey world.

So young Master Crosby turns 21 today. Legal drinking age. Does that mean he can stop babysitting Mario's kids now? I know there are so many fans out there who have negative things to say about the boy, but you can't deny the truth. As one of the Islanders said at a Booster Club meeting, "That Sidney Crosby; he's one hell of a hockey player." As the youngest player in NHL history to score 100 points, the youngest to ever win the Art Ross Trophy, the youngest to receive the Lester B. Pearson Award and the youngest team captain ever, you just can't deny the facts.

Happy Birthday Sidney. Go order a JD like a man.

The ground breaking ceremony for Pittsburgh's new arena will take place on August 14th and will be open to the public. It's scheduled to open for the start of the 2010-2011 season. Um... when do WE get to do something like that? Uh, yeah.

Dan Bylsma, (remember him?) has been named the head coach of the AHL Wilkes-Barre/Scranton Penguins. We wish him much luck in his new position. Tiger Track Tom can say "Hi" to him when he's back in Bridgeport on November 5th.

Speaking of the AHL, their new season schedule has been released. There are EIGHT Sunday DAY games on the schedule. If I do not get to at least ONE of those games, I give Tom Liodice full permission to smack me upside the head. I desperately wanted to go to Bridgeport for a game last season, and for one reason or another, just never made it out there. My loss for sure.
Saturday should be a great day at the Coliseum as Doug Weight and Josh Bailey are introduced to the NYIC faithful. Our own Blog Box boys Mike Schuerlein and Tom Liodice will be on the panel to grill, uh, interview them along with a member of Islander Mania.

I've already communicated with our beat reporter Greg Logan, he will be on family vacation and unable to attend. PLEASE DO NOT RANK ON HIM FOR NOT BEING THERE!!! I hate it when I read items about his "non-coverage" of Islander events and too much time away from his writing. Give the man a break! It's August. He'll never sleep from late September until April.

So, stop by the Open House on Saturday and meet the new boss, um, BOYS. But a few of us may meet a new boss, he won't be the same as the old boss, and I won't be fooled again.*

(*Gratuitous WHO reference as we just booked tickets to see them in October in Boston. For my cooperation in attending yet another expensive WHO concert in less than 3 years, I get to see a Bruins game from center ice, 3rd row, behind the bench. I deserve it. Guess who they're playing?)

See you Saturday. Just look for the orange heels, ya can't miss me. I'll be gathering up information about the new partial ticket plans that will be released. Should be some great info!