So close yet so far...

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Okay, so like, what was that?

I'm standing at the bar with IslanderQueen and PuckRock, a fellow Islander fan and SFD hockey player. We're watching the last period of the game and what do we see? We see the Canadiens not only come from behind to tie it, but then... they win. Okay, like what was that? They were winning the entire time. They lose?

AAAAAKKKKKKKKKK.... Better yet? I almost had to kill a Ranger fan who decided it would be funny to try to change the channel on me with just a few minutes left in the game. Granted, he does't know me too well, so when I explained "Please don't do that, beause I will have to kill you." he thought I was kidding. By the third time I said it, I think he was getting the hint. But ofcourse, slow and stupid had to wait for a man to explain that I was in deed NOT KIDDING and if he didn't turn the TV back to the Islander game, he was absolutely going to lose a testacle. I may be short and chubby, but please remember I am Scicilian and have a vast knowledge of cutlery.

Sigh... Islanders lost. IslanderQueen and I had a great time and.... the Hanson brothers won the costume contest.

I can't even look at the post game video yet. I know it must have been bad in that room. I'll save it for tomorrow. Tonight, I'm still in a good mood.