Sorry Windsor. He's Ours 11-29-08

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As we await the arrival of the official press release stating that Josh Bailey is not being returned to his junior club, we offer up a big; "Yeah, like we didn't see THAT coming?"

I think the only ones surprised at this are the Spitfire coaching staff. They're pretty miserable since yesterday's cell call from Josh himself. If Garth starts getting pains in his back today, I think he should assume there's a voo-doo doll in Ontario with his face on it.
Josh was their Captain. They've been waiting for his return as a big part of their season's strategy. The Islanders have something else in mind. He's part of OUR strategy.

I knew this was coming when I spoke with Garth and company and half hearted pleaded for them to "send the boy back to his team." and was given an absolute, adamant "This IS his team" response.

Ouch. I know when to shut up, especially when I was asked "Do you work for Windsor?" I had crossed that invisible line in the sand. "No, I'm just a mother, and he's a 19 year-old boy." Okay then. Now he's a 19 year-old boy who will be starting his first NHL career year as a NY Islander.

I'm happy he's here, he's going to be one hell of a hockey player.