Still A-Twitter - 10-2-08

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Just a few things I forgot from last night.

During warm ups at the glass, Tom Liodice and I were taking photos and I was noticing all the new names on the ice. I blurted out "Who ARE these guys?!" Tom immediately offered up "Panic in the Disco!" as he thought I was referring to the song that just started. As if I didn't know!

I swear I saw Jon Sim smiling every time he touched the puck during warmups.

Best line of the evening had to come from CJ Papa in Press Room 6 as we were waiting for Gordon to appear. He was talking about his new MSGPlus promotion and asked Katie Strang and I, "Can I say 'I have some pretty big HEELS to fill? Would that be okay?"

Katie and I both agreed it was fine. "I'd be flattered if someone said that about me." Katie told him.

Speaking of heels, my very cute blue satin high wedge sneakers that everyone thought looked so 'comfortable' were deadly. By the time I left the building and had to walk all the way around to the Mariott side for my car, I could no longer bear them.

Once OkposoNet Ken and I parted company, I looked around, made sure no one else was watching, took the shoes off and ran through the puddles to my car.

I'd like to know where Frank (Voice of the Fans) was last night! I was READY!

Time to get dressed and go to work. That thing I do in between hockey games.