Streit? DAMN STRAIGHT! 11-1-08

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The day after Halloween and there's more candy in the house than I want to know. This was the first year that my daughter was out and about town with just her friends. I was very nervous, but I survived.

So, now it's back to Hockey as the Montreal Canadiens visit the NY Islanders tonight at 7pm. With each of the three "New York" (if you consider the state of New Jersey part of New York) teams playing tonight, I was surprised to see that MSG has put the Devils on the PlusPlus channel that I can never find. The Islanders get MSG Plus original and of course, the Rangers air on the main MSG channel. Three guesses which team will NOT have a pre-game show -- first two guesses won't count.

I've given the entire pre-game vs post-game show thing some thought and am a little surprised that MSG's reasoning to not air one is that no one watches the pre-game show. (Yes, our Emmy Award winning pre-game show if you remember.) I really DO find that hard to believe. Think of it -- at 6:30 pm we are all excited about what can happen in the game ahead. We are interested in what's happened the last few days that we haven't heard about. We're looking forward to getting revved up for the match up. By post-game we know what happened. And good or bad, it's no surprise, it's late we're changing the channel to see if we can catch the end of another game somewhere on Center Ice.

In today's Newsday Greg Logan discusses Mark Streit and his impact on the Islanders. Streit has been an early season feel good story for the Islanders. He's one of the players that Big Angry Man doesn't complain about when I watch a game with him. (The other is Nate Thompson.) But as B.A.M. is surprised and happy with this free agent, but I'll tell you who isn't surprised -- Garth Snow. He does have a way of seeing things in players that many others don't until later. This theory will again be proven when Josh Bailey finally gets to hit the ice again. (I assure you.) For Streit, I can only hope tonight will be one of those "yeah? Take THAT Montreal" moments.

Sadly I will not be able to take in the game tonight as even adults like to dress up for Halloween and party. But I'll be glued to the TV set over the bar at the SFD keeping an eye on the game with a few other die-hard Islanders fans that I know.

Injury news released (wow!) Freddy Meyer had hernia surgery and no one knows what's wrong with DiPietro.... and we never will.....

Have a great Saturday all!