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Trying hard and giving effort are important.  It is more than important on Long Island, as the team doesn’t invest in established talent and has been going with low level aging UFA’s and younger, cheaper players.   The Islanders don’t stand much of a chance unless their effort level is 100%.

Effort is expected and required when you are a professional and pulling down hundreds of thousands of dollars.  You have to expect your team give a good effort.  The Islanders have been called out in several games this year by their coach as being passengers and not putting forth the effort.  Is it the coach’s job to get that effort from his players?  He’s walking a fine line there because many assume it’s a reflection of the coaching staff when the team plays poorly.  Is Coach Jack throwing himself under the bus?

The team needs something to change, someway to ensure effort and bring the skill/leadership level up.  Thet’re  still close to a playoff birth, but they have not shown the maturity that can hold leads or sustain their effort with a 60 minute game.  They need to figure it out soon, or it will be another year of pressure free spring hockey to pad stats.  I’m not looking forward to anything now except change.  Running the status quo is not working, and the fans deserve something…