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The Islanders, fresh off of their 4-3 win over Tampa Bay, are in need of an identity upgrade.  They need to prove that the movement is working, that staying the course and allowing the youngsters to grow within the system is actually working.  A couple of good indicators of that this season have been on display already.

First, the team needs to hold onto leads.  This is common sense, but an issue the team has had for many years.  It’s a sign of youth, and good teams don’t give away games.  Every team needs to hold leads, and my heart is still in my throat after the 3 goal meltdown vs. Tampa put the game in imminent danger.

The second thing is letting up after goals and allowing immediate payback.  That is the fastest way to kill momentum and is not the kind of identity you want as a team.  If the Islanders are indeed maturing as a team, we’ll see less and less of these two flaws.  If not, expect some crazy rides this year.