What Could Have Been.... 7-28-08

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Ughh!! This may have been my dream job! If not for a handful of reasons why I can't apply. In the latest issue of the Sound Tiger e-Newsletter, there was this Want Ad:

The Bridgeport Sound Tigers are seeking a qualified chef to prepare wholesome meals for the team at practices, pre-game skates, and after each Sound Tiger home game.The ideal candidate will come equipped with their own cookware and cutlery while the team will provide all of the ingredients required. He or she will play an instrumental role in maintaining the health of the Sound Tigers players and insuring they are well nourished prior to and after games. “Our goal this year is to make our team healthier,” said Sound Tigers’ president, Howard Saffan. “Having a chef will enable our players to learn how to eat well and gain the benefits of health and nutrition throughout the year.” As compensation, the selected chef will receive recognition through public address announcements at Sound Tiger home games as well as their own cooking show on Sound TigersTV where the chosen chef will explain how to prepare a healthy meal that benefits a player’s performance on the ice.If you enjoy “cooking up a storm,” contact .

Considering my first love is cooking, considering I've owned a catering company and a restaurant, considering how I feel about hockey, this really made me wish things were different. IF I was independently wealthy, IF I lived closer to Port Jeff, IF I was a few years younger, IF I was uh.... single. Yep. Dream job for sure.

Sigh... but it's another manic Monday. Guess I should start heading into work in the "real world." After all, it's Payroll Monday for me... Oh Joy, Oh Bliss. Accounting is just SOOOO creative and fulfilling.