The Who 10-24-08

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Well, I watched the game tonight against the Thrashers from the comfort of my living room considering the horrendous weather outside.

But.... I won't discuss the game... for now. Instead, let me tell you about the great night I had at the Who concert. ('cause seriously... we've got plenty of time to discuss the game, the system, DiPietro's healthy and the myriad of other topics that we discuss over and over again.)

We had amazing seats for the concert. I could have hit Pete with a spitball if I wanted to. We were just that close. The guys sitting (or actually standing through the entire concert) somehow had seen the play list and were telling us what song was coming up before it started. Big Angry Man found that to be a pretty neat trick.

As we had taken the train in from Woburn we had the luxury of being able to have a drink or two without having to worry about driving. The concourse at the TD Banknorth has a bar about ever 30 feet and they pour high end liquor as well as wine. But that's not the story, the story was the music. The music that is still relevant today. The amazing thing was that there were a large number of young kids in the audience. This is the third time I've seen the Who, and as my husband pointed out, when they play on Long Island, it's their 'older' fans in the audience. Not here. This was a mixed group with 50 year-olds and 15 year-olds all wearing "wholigan" shirts.

The Who are historians who have never forgotten from where they came. The videos they show behind them on the big screens are history lessons, and you can't have two better professors than Pete and Roger.

But the most important thing they teach us is.... you're only as old as you feel. They've had AARP cards for years now, but they still rock. Yes, the front row that used to be crowded with girls throwing themselves at the stage is now crowded with middle age men screaming "PEEEETTTTTEEEEEEE." But hell... they can still rock.

If you ever get a chance. Go see them. But I doubt you'll get better seats than these!

Nite all.

Hockey talk tomorrow.