Win over Caps, .500, other notes

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I took my daughter, wife, and uncle to the game today, my first game of the lockout season.  It was a great day at the coliseum and was full of youngsters for the afternoon start.  Happily, the team didn’t lay an egg like it did on President’ day (7-0 L, Flyers) and treated the fans to a close game.   That is, until they blew the game wide open in the second half of the third period.   The team is still struggling for consistency, but they’ve really come a long way since their 5 game losing streak.  They’ve reached .500 for the season, and that is a good stepping stone   They’re relevant in the playoff race.  Not exactly where you prefer them to be (out but looking in), but better than fighting for lottery pics.

They’re showing more consistent offense, and from different lines which is great.  JT can’t do everything.  That being said, their defense has taken a drop.  Certain players (Tavares, Boyes, Moulson, Okposo, Grabner, Nielsen, etc..) still don’t do more than stick check.  Making the playoffs will be one thing, but winning games and series’ requires physical play.  Martin, Cizikas, and McDonald are becoming a great line as they chip in occasionally with a goal, but always with the body checks.  In my opinion, that line is the reason for their latest surge.  They’re inspiring everyone from the fans to the players.  They need to add to the chippy play and play with a set, stand up for teammates, and fight for their careers.

Here’s looking forward to a physical game in Pittsburgh tomorrow night.  They will need it to break the Penguins.