Yankee Stadium's Last Sorrowful Season

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It's almost Labor Day, the official end of summer, and what should have been a glorious final season to one of the most famous stadiums in sports will probably end with a sigh instead of a cheer.

Granted, I'm not really a baseball enthusiast, but I will watch the Yankees during that hockey drought they call the "off-season." My husband has actually taken me to a few games at that glorious palace in the Bronx; World Series games no less.

How fitting it would have been if the Yankees could have pulled off a great season and been a shoe-in for the playoffs this year? It would have been grand. Instead there are "booos" raining down on A-Rod and Giradri saying he's "due" for a scoring run. A little LATE there Joey, don't you think? And you have to love NY fans; they'd "boo" at Santa Claus if he pissed them off.

My other personal favorite #55 missed most of this year, and since his return from the disabled list has also been, um, um, less than stellar. (Maybe I should pick another number. I'm starting to wonder if it's me.)

The only bright spot in the Yankee line up for me was the heartwarming Joba Chamberlain. Too bad I've seen him in more commercials than innings on the mound. He has almost as many commercial endorsements as Jeter. Staggering.

It would have been nice to be fighting with my husband about what game of the playoffs he would be spending way too much money to go to, just as we had so many other years. I'll miss talking to my Dad for days about the Yankees pitching stats, over and over and over again all October. What a shame. Instead, we'll discuss who is lying in the fan or police bathroom break scandal. Not a story Yankee Stadium needed in it's final season.

Well... at least they had the All-Star Game this year. That's what I'll remember most about this Yankee season. Am I throwing in the towel? Basically. Because it's almost Labor Day and Hockey camps will open soon and I'll be back in my element. The only hockey news out there right now is Joe Sakic has decided to lace 'em up for another year, (Which is good for him and hockey) and Mats Sundin has decided between paper or plastic (according to a funny article on Bleacher Report).

So yes, Ladies & Gentlemen, I just checked in on Baseball, because truth-be-told...I got nuttin' right now on the hockey home front. But if I check in about GOLF; I give you permission to shoot rubber bands at me.