Finals Week, Isles Roadtrippin.

F.I.N.A.L.S. (F***, I Never Actually Learned this $h!t.)

Don't expect too much posting/ me paying mass attention to the Isles and hockey since it's *dun dun dun* finals week. Finals week, the time when procrastination and overall slacking off in college finally catches up to you and kicks you in the ass. Good times. My brain is hurting just thinking of all the thinking I'll have to actually do in the next 12 days.

Ah yes, what a wondrous time for college students. All night cramming, wikipedia'ing out the wazoo, slamming down red bulls, and catching yourself one too many times on facebook when you should actually be studying.

Well, while I.....:
-write my final term paper on a phenomenon (other than Joey MacDonald) and it's social and politicalish relevance in society for English Comp II.
-a sports marketing final and a massive political thought final.
-study for two math tests over the span of two classes for Algebra and Trigonometry. upchuck.

.....the Isles are on the road: vs Toronto, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Columbus.....

Questions in the upcoming week:
-Will Josh finally score his first NHL goal?
-Will I pass all my classes for the semester?
-How much closer will Doug Weight get to his 1000th post? 6 to go!
-How many goals will Tambellini now score back in the Bridge? He already has one in his debut!
-Will anyone else bid on dinner with an Islander?

Good luck to the Isles on the road and good luck my fellow collegians in the classroom.