ESPN And The NHL: A Possibility That Won't Go Away

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Jiggs Going to Hong Kong on Tuesday

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I received this email moments ago from who I believe is Jiggs McDonald's daughter. Looks like some good news for the McDonald family as well as the fans old Jiggs still has.

Your update just came up on my Google alert. I just wanted to share with you that I think we have made some progress in getting them out of Thailand. The proof will be in the next 48 hours. This is what I sent to the various media contacts I've made over the past few days. Please let me know if I can answer an questions. And thanks for your eagerness to help and get others involved.

Thanks to all of you who have helped to draw attention to the plight of Canadians stranded in Thailand due to the political unrest. It appears that my Mom and Dad are part of a group of 37 from their tour who will be departing Thailand on Tuesday, headed for Hong Kong. That trip is the result of an offer of help from the Canadian Embassy in Thailand and, for that, we are extremely grateful.

The Chick Behind Not Your Average Ice Girl


Esoteric NHL Standings for 11/30/2008

How this is read: The Islanders are in 11th place. They have 22 Points. [Played in 24 Games]. And they are a minus 4 points out of the final playoff spot.

1. Boston - 36 [24] ---------- vs. 8. Carolina - 26 [25]
2. NY Ranjerks - 36 [27] --- vs. 7. New Jersey - 26 [22]
3. Washington - 29 [24] --- vs. 6. Philadelphia - 27 [23]
4. Pittsburgh - 31 [23] ----- vs. 5. Montreal - 30 [23]

9. Buffalo - 25 [23] -1
10. Toronto - 22 [23] -4
11. NY Islanders - 22 [24] -4
12. Florida - 21 [23] -5
13. Ottawa - 20 [22] -6
14. Atlanta - 19 [23](8W) -7
15. Tampa Bay - 19 [23](6W) -7

1. San Jose - 41 [24] ----- vs. 8. Nashville - 24 [23]
2. Detroit - 34 [23] ------- vs. 7. Chicago - 26 [22]
3. Vancouver - 30 [24] --- vs. 6. Calgary - 29 [24]

Esoteric NHL Attendance Breakdown

There has been talk about the NHL attendance and how it will relate to the upcoming seasons. We have been breaking down attendance numbers here at the esoteric for some time.

When working with numbers and stats, trends just seem to jump out at you. For example, when I do the "On Pace For" stats it appears that a good point number this year will be in the 55 point range. With the attendance, the number of 2,000 empty seats stood out. One of the issues is that no two arenas are the same. What we believe is that by setting a quantifiable seat amount as opposed to a percentage shows the overall state of a given hockey market. If a community wanted 20,000 seats as opposed to 13,000 then that is their problem they never get sell outs. Lastly, it is after all just a gauge of how well things are going.


NYI: Official's Outlook

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Come check out the latest on the game's officiating and related Islanders content.

Help get Jiggs McDonald & Canadian Citizens Home

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The more I read about what's going on in Thailand, the more concerned I have become and today I am asking for your involvement.

To that end until this is resolved NYI Fan Central goes on hold in terms of any hockey updates at this blog for news articles/games for as long as it takes with the only blogging done on this subject.

Islander News Articles 12/1

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: Reports the situation in Thialand is growing increasingly worse at the airport with empty planes being flown out of the area. Has Jiggs McDonald's comments on a situation that only appears to be getting worse on every possible level.

Newsday: Greg Logan had Mike Comrie's comments on his HIP surgery and the expected time frame for recovery vs playing in Scott Gordon's system.

NYI Fan Central Comments:

7th Woman

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Dee Karl grew up in countless neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Queens but became an “Islander” when her family finally settled in Jericho in the late '70s. Coming from a family of musicians rather than sports fans, she missed the Islanders’ dynasty years even though she lived in their own backyard. It’s a 45-minute drive to the Coliseum, but it’s a small price to pay for NHL Hockey. The love for hockey came in 1992 when she bought a bar and realized sports HAD to be on the TV. By 2003 she had become a passionate Islanders fan. She entered and won the 2004 NHL 7th Man contest for the NY Islanders .

Isles Time Off a Good Thing

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A few days off after a win like the Islanders had the other night is definitely a good thing. Bouncing back after an ugly loss against the Bruins on Friday, is it fair to say they’ve learned their lesson and are committed to playing 60-minutes of intensity-filled, high-speed, jaw-dropping, rockem-sockem, hyphen-induced hockey?

Guess we’re just going to have to see about that, but at any rate, they’re are a few players that I feel are going to get the most out of the next three days off.

Islanders Esoteric

es·o·ter·ic /ˌɛsəˈtɛrɪk/ adj - understood by or meant for only the select few who have special knowledge or interest. It was the 70's when the NY Islanders Esoteric started. My cousin & his friends taught me how to be the hockey fan I am today. Back then we didn't have computers but w/a stubby pencil, a black composition notebook & 100 or so players to track the Esoteric was born. Nowadays, we've 430 New York Islanders to process through the Esoteric. Lets Go NY Islanders.

Latest on Jiggs McDonald

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Orillia Packet: Sara Ross has the latest from Mr McDonald's daughters on the situation of her parents unable to leave Thailand.
Orillia couple stuck in Thailand hopes to be out by Friday
By Sara Ross

Ken “Jiggs” and Marilyn McDonald are packed and ready to move out of their hotel room in Bangkok at a moments notice. The Orillia couple has been grounded in Thailand for almost a week after a throng of yellow-shirted anti-government protesters took the airport by storm, shutting down all flights Tuesday afternoon.

Expo Cruises and Tours, the company leading the couple’s 30-day land and sea tour of Asia plan to have the Canadian tourists out by Friday, said the McDonald’s daughter, Susan DeSimone.

Who is in your Doghouse (December 2008)

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Isles Get Much Needed Win Against Senators

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There’s a famous cliché I used to get repeated to me all the time when I was a kid that has consistently made me think of this year’s Islanders team.

“Beggars can’t be choosers.”

Well, this season, they’ve been on several occasions.

By working hard and making the most of the small opportunities they’ve gotten this season, the Islanders have been middling, rather than sinking.

Sure, the powerplay could have been better last night and sure, the second period was a disaster for the most part, but in the end, the Islanders came out on top.

To me, that’s obviously the most important thing, but to beat a playoff team like Senators [in spite of the problems they been having this season] and to do it three times in a row is a step in the right direction.

New York Islander Ice Breakers

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Photos of the New york Islanders Ice Breakers from the New York Islanders official website.

New York Islander Ice BreakersNew York Islander Ice BreakersNew York Islander Ice BreakersNew York Islander Ice BreakersNew York Islander Ice Breakers

New York Islanders Ice Breakers

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I was surprised to see the "Ice Breakers" at the Isles game vs the Ottawa Senators on November 29th, 2008. I had never heard of them before.  So what are they? They are basically cheerleaders with pom poms that go to different sections of the rink and do a little dance during some of the commercial timeouts. I would have taken more footage but forgot to take fresh batteries to the game. And without further adieu, the NYI Ice Breakers:

Isles Greatest Games DVD Box Set Coming 3/3/09!!

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Turns out that pole on the Isles' website about a DVD Box set wasn't just for conversation after all! Islanders fans rejoice! I've been waiting for this for a long time, all though there has been no official word from the Isles, here's the press release from Warner Home Video, and NHL Productions, released last week:

NY Islanders Esoteric #2,820 or #24-08

****** Esoteric Notes ******

I think I put together a really great esoteric tonight. We'll take a look at a bunch of different stats.

Have to thank Adam over at Growing Up Islanders Blog for "taunting" me to look at the Isles versus Rangers Numbers. Check out Adam's blog at

Multiple Point Games

We had 4 players have a multi-point game tonight. For only the second time this season we had a player score 3 points. For only the third time this season we have had someone score 2 goals in a game. No Hat Tricks yet this year for the New York Islanders.

To put this all in perspective let me spell it out for you.

Dragoneye: NY Islander Photo Dungeon

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Photos from games and whatever other NYI related things I can find.

Dragoneye: NY Islander Photo DungeonDragoneye: NY Islander Photo DungeonDragoneye: NY Islander Photo DungeonDragoneye: NY Islander Photo DungeonDragoneye: NY Islander Photo Dungeon

Two First Games in One

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I have to admit I had no idea that we would be going to the game tonight. I was watching my 6 year old nephew Sam and went to the Islanders website thinking it would be cool to go to a game soon.

Then I saw the promotion. Bring 3 or more non perishable food items in exchange for 2 tickets to a game in December. That, plus we were going to play a team that we had been owning lately. Also, Sam had never been to a game before and I haven't been for 10 years (due to being out of the state/country) so the stars were in alignment tonight.

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