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Isles vs. Bruins 1-15-08

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In fear of the roads being unbearable, I left work at 5:10 pm thinking I'm going to get here some time around 6:15. Negative. No one on the roads and no ice. I arrived in the parking lot that is not cleared by 5:30 pm.

There is DEATH outside, DEATH I TELL YOU!!!

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WTF?? It's COLD. It's WINTER people!

I'm sitting here in front of the TV watching the weather and I've never been more amused. Yes, the Alberta Clipper has finally arrived here on Long Island. It will be bitter cold with some snow and ice. The wind chills are in the double digits. Again, IT'S FREAKIN' WINTER.

You know I travel to New Hampshire all the time. I was there over the holidays. Six degrees was a high and the wind chills were -19. My girls still went snowboarding and there were college kids playing hockey in the park on the outdoor rink. The hearty New Englanders would SCOFF at out weather coverage if they heard it. Absurd.

Isles vs. Rangers 1-13-08

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Wanna guess? Yes, they lost. But they lost by one goal. One lousy goal. The Broadway Blueshirts could not score more than two goals on our back-up's back-up. Look at the talent on that team and tell me that is not a feat.

It was a night for the youngsters to just go out and play in an arena filled with the enemy. They did an admirable job.

Where's the Welcome Wagon?

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Good morning all ye faithful Long Island hockey fans. There's a home coming of sorts tonight at the coliseum. Our own Orange and Bluer than Blue Islanders are set to have their first game of their home stand against of all teams, the dreaded NY Rangers.

As if that wasn't adding insult to injury enough for my taste, there is more. I opened the paper this morning to look to see what is usually a morning article about the evening's match up. I was hoping for just a smidgen of good-natured trash talk. But what did I find in our morning Newsday? Basketball, Football and high school sports.

It's Good To Be King, but May Suck to Be Captain

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That's basically what this morning's Newsday article about Bill Guerin was eluding to. I wanted to write this morning, but just didn't have the time. But a few things bothered me today. So, since there isn't a game until tomorrow and since Microsoft money is actually on my husband's computer and not this one, I'm going to waste the time to just tell you what I think. (geeze that was random.)

Sunday In the Park with Wendy

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Another weekend of messed up plans. For weeks we had planned on going to Bryant Park to skate by the tree to end the Holiday season. The weather put a damper on those plans. So I missed the snow and managed to get to IceWorks yesterday, but today I wanted to go skating. But my daughter's softball practice interferred with my total independance.

Isles Practice at IceWorks

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Today I ventured to IceWorks like a few others. As a fan, not as a blogger. I left the laptop and tape recorder home. I did bring the camera, because I'm never actually without it. I rushed to leave the house so I could beat the snow. I left without a hat and without a few other things I wanted, but I was trying to beat the snow that had just started to fall. I also forgot to take OFF my "55" Islander necklace as I started wearing it again on the 26th when the Leafs were in town. I didn't think anyone would notice. Um... I was wrong.

Fanning the Flames in Calgary

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Oh boy. I didn't want to say it yesterday because I've said it so many times before. Full Moon + Thursday = Islanders loss. I see the record remains.
But the team looked good, for the most part. They just can't win a game as they drop 16 of the last 18. We're heading for a new record. And truthfully, it isn't even really upsetting me that much.

And Now For Something Completely Different

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It's not quite 7 am and my eye-sight is still fuzzy. I did manage to feed the dog, feed my daughter, make her lunch and get her off to the bus stop. I made breakfast and tea and sat down with the paper, the computer and the news on.

As I usually do in the early morning, I check this blog for stats and such. Well, this is the first time I've ever had someone take the time to ask ME questions. Very thoughtful, very detailed, VERY INTENSE questions. I figured the least I can do is have the courtesy of answering them. (As there are those I know who don't.)

Communication Breakdown

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They say there is No Place to Go But Up --

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when you're on the bottom that is. Well, that's where the Islanders are and they seem to be staying.

Whether it be because of staggering injuries, a lack of experience, a lack of talent, or just plain bad luck, the numbers are just painful to look at (and I work with numbers all damn day long!).

Twenty-eight points and the highest goals against in the league. Atlanta is close; probably not a distinction they are happy with.

So what did I get out of staying up past my usual work-a-day bedtime to watch this game from Edmonton?

1) The pleasure of listening to Jiggs, Jaffe & Doug Weight. What a team they were.
2) The smile I got from watching Okposo and Blake Comeau score.
3) A reason to wonder if there actually IS a conspiracy against the Islanders in the Toronto war room.

And I'm back! But just not quite READY!

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Odd how quickly a six day vacation can fly. You blink -- it's over, it's Monday all over again and you are back to the same routine as before you left. The New Year doesn't make a difference, it's just one long winter's day. All that's left now to show for the time away is several extra pounds and a full memory card on my Canon Power Shot.

But before we get back into hockey mode for today as the Islanders are playing yet another "too late for my taste" western game, I'd just like to mention a few things I came away with from my 'travel and unpack' day.

If Milestones are Reached in Phoenix, Can I see them?

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The smell of firewood in the air. The cold on my face, the stars in the clear black sky. Where's Dee? Fighting with the XM radio antenna in a cottage in the woods so that she can hear the Isles vs. team Gretzky game.

My knight to the rescue, and Big Angry Man gets it to work and then snickers at me for being such a dolt. But I thank the Hockey Gods for XM broadcasts in far away places, even if I have to listen to the opposing teams radio broadcasters and miss out on Steve Mears and Chris King.

Last night, you could have called it the "Mike Comrie Love Fest" on that radio broadcast. But I had forgotten that Comrie had played for Phoenix. The announcers sounded like they could have been from a college station, but to be fair, they sounded very unbiased and gave out a lot of interesting information.

Happy New Year All

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Haven't had time to chat or post, and haven't had internet connection. I am sadly deprived, and my family is laughing!


I did get to watch the Winter Classic and take a few notes, but couldn't post from where I was.


That was a problem, but at least the game was on and people were watching it.


5-4 Loss Is Nothing Compared --

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To the sick feeling I had in my stomach watching Trent Hunter cling to the leg of a linesman looking for help. A clean hit had sent him into the boards, but a door opened unexpectedly and it looked like to me that it got him between the shoulder blades up high. Trent rolled over on his back and when the linesman came to his aid, the look on his face made me hold my breath. Gordon looked like he was going to just puke behind the bench.

The Islanders cannot afford to lose the likes of Trent Hunter -- EVER.

It must have rattled the Islanders as well, since the Rangers scored within seconds of Hunter leaving the ice.

Please give Jackman some iron supplements or check him out for clotting agents in his blood because I've never seen such a bleeder before in this game. It's always the same spot, right above his right eye. He has tissue paper skin that just opens up and bleeds.

The DiPietro "Wait & See" game

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So it seems the biggest thing Islanders fans have to think about this morning is whether or not Rick will be the Man in the Golden Mask tonight at the Garden.

War in Gaza, which they seems to happen every holiday season since I was six, is news that I can't control, nor wrap my head around 100%. "The ultimate objective is to change reality. Hamas needs to know the equation will be changed." So says an Israeli spokeswoman. I shudder to think.

More Christmas Presents

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"Dear Santa:

All I want for Christmas is a Game Winning goal. If that's a little too much to ask for, can I at least have a game TYING game with like, let's say 2 seconds left in the 3rd?

Your Pal, Chris Campoli."

So sayeth Big Angry Man Saturday night after the game.

Hockey Christmas Miracles (sort of)

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What a day!!! Boxing day to some, a day of minor Christmas miracles to me!

The Brotherhood of Hockey - Perfect for Christmas

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It's Christmas morning and I'm living on four hours of sleep. My refrigerator is packed so tight with leftovers, you can't even see the light. Things need to be put away, and serve ware needs to be cleaned, but not before I have my coffee and cinnamon rolls and browse through the Internet to see what I have missed since yesterday.

The 48 Hour Marathon Begins

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It's Wednesday morning, December 24th and the alarm went off at 6 am, just as it does every day. But today is different. Not just because the brat baby doesn't have school, so she's NOT the first thing I have to deal with. Bu because it is finally Christmas Eve and my Marathon run has begun.

It will be 48 hours of cleaning, cooking, entertaining and eating. Two days of family drama along with Christmas cookies and wrapping paper. Two days of 'go here, go there, do this, do that' and 'pass the wine.'

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